More Tips For the Perfect Dusk Wedding Photography

While preparing for a wedding shoot, make a note to schedule photos of the bride in her wedding dress taken during sunset. This is understandable since dusk photos pick up on details in the dress that are not seen in bright daylight. However, dusk photography is not as easy as it sounds. If not done properly, you may end up with unfocused, blurry photos or ones which lack crucial details. There are factors which a photographer should consider to produce the best wedding shots while making most out of the sunset’s natural beauty. Here are tips for a successful dusk wedding photo shoot.

Practice With Your Camera’s Adjustments and Flash

To get insights on how you’ll capture the special moments, head out to the place where the sunset photos will be taken a day before. This will give you a chance to try out different camera settings, given the sunset’s lighting. You would want to show the sunset with regard to the couple, and not waste this time by using too much flash. To make the work easier for you, bring a friend to test each setting using someone as the subject.

Pose, Repose and Compose – Be Creative

Sunsets are very short, and they change color in a matter of seconds. There is no time for that perfect shot. Chase the couple around the venue to capture those intimate moments, and do it fast. You should try to capture the couple’s photos as much as possible with every changing sunset’s hue. By doing this, you’ll have a wide array of images, with different colors of the sunset. You can also time the period where the sun has almost disappeared into the horizon and capture the couple’s silhouette. This may take a lot of skill to ensure that the figures of the couple have been individually emphasized. However, you can still capture their emotions even if you’re just taking photos of their silhouettes.

Final Processing

Even if you have captured great photos, post-processing is a must. The camera may not be able to capture everything properly. Give yourself time to weed out bad frames, add the retro touch, make touch-ups and even convert some of them to black and white. You can make the processing easier for you by shooting in RAW format.

By following these simple tips, you can capture the best photos of the bride in her bridal gown. Dusk wedding photos will be a welcomed addition to the wedding album, which is why you should strive to do your best as their wedding photographer!