Photography Tips for Shooting Weddings

Photography Tips for Shooting Weddings
Every time you shoot with your camera, there is always an intent to take a good photo. It does not matter if you are using your smartphone or a Nikon digital camera. The real issue is the ability to capture a good shot, and the following tips could be just what you need. This article will assume that you are not a professional, nor an amateur with years of experience. If you have not shot pictures of anything outside of selfies and pictures of your pet, then pay attention.

First, always have your camera with you. No one really knows when an opportunity is going to present itselve, but when it does, you should be ready to capture that moment. If you’re the official photographer in the family, everyone’s counting on you to chronicle not only the wedding itself but as well as interesting things that may occur around the event.

Photography Tips for Shooting Weddings
Always be prepared to snap fleeting moments when you are at a wedding.

Take time to learn about your camera settings, even just the basics. Today’s cameras may be set to automatic or semi-automatic mode, hence your camera adjusts itself to apply the right amount of exposure. However, you may also want to tinker with the different modes well ahead of time, experiment on them, and see how you can achieve various looks to your images. Go around and take some shots, and then change the shutter speed or aperture (if you are using a standard film camera) to add a unique edge to your photos.

For a more dramatic portrait, you may reduce the exposure level to create a darker image. On the other hand, you may increase the exposure level to produce a brighter image. These settings may vary from one camera to another, hence it’s best to check the camera’s user manual to see how yours work.

Focus is another important aspect in photography. Nobody likes a blurry image, so at least ensure that the bride and groom are acceptably sharp. Smart phone cameras help you to focus by touching the LCD screen.

Photography Tips for Shooting Weddings
The green viewfinder is your friend. Never shoot a digital photo without tapping on it first.

You accomplish the same thing with a digital camera by selecting a focus point while looking throught the viewfinder and pressing the shutter button halfway.

For portraits, the focal point should be the eyes. For landscapes, you’d most probably want to focus everything.


Find opportunities for photography when light quality is at its best. The best time to take pictures is during the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is near the horizon. During these times, the sunlight is less harsh, and will produce images with more depth and dimension.

During mid-day, photos taken will have less contrast and will look flat. If this can’t be avoided, position your subjects on a shaded area so the sunlight isn’t beating down on them directly.

Another technique is to zoom in with the lens in order to cut out most of the surroundings and capture the subjects more clearly.

Pay Attention to Framing

Be conscious of the camera level. Even if you can correct this in a computer, a good photographer ensures that the horizon line is aligned. You may use the camera’s leveling feature, or utilize the grid lines reflected on the screen.

Photography Tips for Shooting Weddings
Bad alignment takes the focus away from the subjects and puts it on the photograph itself.

Very important; keep the camera’s lens clean to avoid nasty spots on the photos. This is especially true of smart phone cameras, since we usually handle them with abandon. Cleaning them with microfiber cloth or lens wipes before you begin shooting should do the trick.

So, do you still need to hire a professional photographer in your future events? Of course, you do. Rare occasions such as weddings and proms are planned well ahead, thus they deserve to be captured in a perfect photo and be treasured forever.